SportsEngine Registration: The Lumberyard Hockey & Sports Center

2019 Join a LY LJL Team


Looking to play 3v3 hockey but you don’t have a team? Let us do it for you!

This registration is for individual players who do not belong to a team registered for the 2019 Spring/Fall 3v3 Lumberjack League and is interested in playing on a LumberYard team. 

How it works:

  • For a $359 fee, individuals register to play.
  • The LY will assign your player to a team according to the information you provide.

COST: $359.00


All participants must complete the registration and sign the waiver it will then prompt you to pay upon completion of this registration. The LumberYard will then assign you to a LumberYard Team.

If we do not receive enough registrations for your child's level of play we will issue a full refund or reach out to another team looking for skaters.


Please direct questions to:

Lee Erickson

General Manager

Phone: 651-253-8947

Shelly Nutzmann

Office Manager

Phone: 651-439-2011

Jackie Wylie

Customer Experience Manager